The 2009 GT Carbon Fiber Force Pro Review

Introducing the 2009 Gt carbon fiber Force Pro. The Force Pro may be a little pricey at just under $6k but this bike is targeted at all-mountain tail riders who know the advantages of six inches of front and rear travel.

The carbon fiber Gt Force Pro features independent drive suspension. The Force Pro has a Fox RP23 shock and and has Fox's new Talas 32 RL with their 15QR front axle. This allows for aggressive riding downhill because you are also riding in the center of the bike. Gt's independent Drive suspension converts a riders downward thrust into unsprung weight, reducing pedal-induced suspension movement.

The boys at paid the GT booth a visit at Interbike’s Outdoor Dirt Demo, and took a liking to our new Force Carbon Pro. Check out video below.

This bike is one bike that will never blend in with the rest. It's like GT traveled to the future and brought the Force Carbon Pro as a souvenir of their travels. I have a feeling that riders are either going to love the look, or hate it. After seeing the bike in person I'd have to say that I'm a fan of it's unique stance. You'll have to make up your mind for yourself!

I would like to pay tribute to Mountain Bike Action and GT Bicycles for their input on the Gt Carbon Force Pro.

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